About Us

The Los Angeles Volleyball Organization stands for community, inclusion and promoting the power of sports to unite. We value teamwork, respect and integrity. Our humble contribution to society relies in producing sports events that inspire, educate and celebrate our diverse community.

A Nonprofit Organization

The Los Angeles Volleyball Organization (LAVO) was initially conceived in early 2010.

Volleyball enthusiasts and long time friends co-founded LAVO with the idea of providing the residents of Los Angeles with a structured and organized volleyball league that would also foster respectful competition and build friendships.

Today, thanks to a membership base of more than 2,500, a veteran board of directors and dedicated volunteers, and having hosted tournaments throughout the year including creating the West Hollywood Sports Festival, LAVO has become a trusted community event organizer.

Vision Statement

Volleyball is our sport and our passion.

We inspire new individuals to take on this healthy activity while encouraging those with more experience to grow. The Los Angeles Volleyball Organization (LAVO) aims to build the sport of volleyball in the Southern California region to an elite level of competition. We aspire to make the sport of volleyball the game for everyone; a sport accessible and enjoyable to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


Mission Statement

The mission of LAVO is to promote interest in the sport of volleyball.

We strive to provide training in the skills and techniques of the sport while fostering teamwork, sportsmanship and an appreciation for health and wellness.

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